Sunday 4 July 2010

Vel oo goll gus Doolish

Cowag has put up an interesting note - lets see if the Gaelic spelling can give some of us a hand!

Hie mee dys Doolish = Chaidh mi gus Dúilís
Cha jagh mee dys Doolish = Cha deach mi gus Dúilís
Jagh oo dys Doolish? = Deach thú gus Dúilis?
Nagh jagh oo dys Doolish? = Nach deach thú gus Dúilís
Craad hie oo? = Cá rád a chaidh thú?
Cren traa hie oo? = Crén tráth chaidh thú?

I hope no one minds - It is just about making sense of it all.